fingers find fervour
interlocked and intertwined
electric touch


self defense

A poem written as two continuous haikus;

small sea urchins are

elusively innocent

inky black hunters


a sea of sharp stings

scattered on the dim seabed

stabbing the scrouges

575 Haiku


Inspired by the stinging needles of sea urchins

Hvar, Croatia (July 2017)


Sometimes you look in the mirror

Sometimes you hate what looks back

Sometimes you hate what you’ve turned into

Sometimes you hate what the world has turned you into

And sometimes you hate yourself for blaming the world


Your macrocosm is a mirror

Mangled with distorted insecurities

Muddled with your polar personas

Maddened by your deepest regrets

Mutilated by an excruciating pain:

The shattered mirror of a shattered life.

– Raxtus


A poem written as 4 continuous Haikus

You lionise him

as you stand here cowering

in veneration


mind of a marvel

emitting monologues of

Methodised madness


measured moves of the

master manipulator

plays a royal flush


The cards have been played

The puppeteer pulls the strings

You’re his pawn. Checkmate!

5.7.5 Haiku
-Raxtus ❤️

Bedtime stories

A dark poem written as three continuous Haikus

Marshmallows bestrewn

Like fluffy white pillows on

A bed of cocoa

We have no time for

Bedtime stories but eons

To recount nightmares

When you feel lonely

Take a peek under the bed

Don’t keep him waiting


5*7*5 Haiku