Hello! Thank You for visiting ideajunkyard. This website is exactly what it sounds like…… it is a place where all the thoughts and memories in my head pour out as Haiku Poetry.


Stay tuned for haikus, continuous haikus ( back to back haikus that link up to complete a poem), quotes and free verse. A new series of dark poetry titled Limbo is available for reading on the blog now! Like Share And Follow.
Please comment If you have any suggestions of improvements to my work.

Thank You rosettastone15 for inspiring me. Check her writing out on Instagram (rosettastone15)



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    1. Your very welcome. I like your poems and your style. Same here. I like all things paranormal, but it doesn’t reflect much in my mediocre poetry. Hope to see more from you.-raxtus


    1. Thank you very much. This is so touching. Do try haikus. They are a quirky way to convert your emotions to words. I write haikus because I wish to challenge myself as I normally write really long pieces. Thanks again. Keep in touch and keep up the good work.

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  1. I just started blogging last February and not much of an expert hahaha! But what I have learn is that you really have to take the time to read the work and tips of other successful bloggers and comment from your heart those that resonates in you from other bloggers. Learn the basic as well. Write the subjects that are closed to your heart you will enjoy it! Good luck!


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