Limbo I

Inspired by Dante Alhigieri’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, Limbo is a series of Haikus that tour the dark expanses of hell.

Limbo I is poem consisting of 5 continuous Haikus.. Look out for Limbo II

PS- I’m planning to make this a series so stay tuned


Choke on clammy air

And feel the wooden walls of

your casket confine


descend the stone steps

into the desolate depths

of the neon nether


Be engulfed by the

void of the hell’s gaping mouth

A dance with darkness


Plunge into fires

of torment and splash around

with Satan’s children


In the thick bloody

waters of the swamp like Styx

Ablutions for him


When you feel lonely

Take a peek under the bed.

Don’t keep him waiting




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