umpteen eulogies

for his inamorata

overrun his opus

5∆7∆5 Haiku

– Raxtus

Oeuvre is a French word for the work of artists, painters, musicians and authors..

An Inamorata is an Italian word to describe a female lover.


13 thoughts on “Masterpiece

      1. Sorry to be pedantic, but your excellent poem isn’t 5-7-5 syllables. Here’s a breakdown of the sounds:

        The ro-man-tic’s oeu-vre is o-ver-run (10)
        With um-teen eu-log-ies for his (8)
        I-dol-ised in-am-or-a-ta (8)

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          1. A syllable is each separate sound within a word. Syll-a-ble has 3. The ‘analysis’ on the above link is inconsistent. Why, for instance, is ump-teen not shown as 2 when eu-lo-gies is shown as 3? But it doesn’t really matter because it’s a good poem anyway. Just not a 5-7-5 syllable haiku …

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