Ode to the Metropol

Ode to the Metropol….An ode written as multiple haikus

let Vladimir the
bellboy usher you into
the art nouveau dream


basking in Moscow’s
winter sun. Proceed past the
gold gyrating gates


into the florid
foyer boasting the beguile
baroque chandelier


perch on a plush pew
humming to the harmonies
with the beau monde


feast under the gaze
of gaudy angels dotting
the stained glass ceiling


From the Romanovs
to revolution, she’s trapped
in time, a witness.


Spectator to the
Russian metamorphosis:
The Grand Metropol



5§7§5 Haiku

I was inspired to write this “ode” after my visit to Russia in the summer. I was lucky to lodge at the mesmerising Hotel Metropol during my stay in Moscow. The hotel is an art nouveau masterpiece, bustles with history ( since its construction in 1899) and has been home to famous guests to the Kremlin. It was a lovely trip, and my short stay at this mind blowing hotel really stays with me. The memories were rekindled when I started reading a novel titled “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles. The story is set in the hotel, and it inspired me to write about my visit. Hope you likeddownload.jpegit!


5 thoughts on “Ode to the Metropol

  1. Dear idealjunkyard…thanks for visiting my blog space. Little that I know of haiku, one should be minimal with words. My next post will be on haiku though am only a learner not an authority but like you love experimenting with haiku. Hope you don’t mind.

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