in vain

fragile papyrus

praising the bewitching queen

who’ll never be mine

575 Haiku
It is 3 in the morning, but I still write. My mother’s going to kill me🔪Hope you like it


8 thoughts on “in vain

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Love your poetry too. I suppose this is good because i was inspired. 👊 Raxtus. Hope to hear from you!!

      PS It is 3 in the morning here. I really should catch some sleep


      1. Magical stuff happens at 3AM. Either that, or just extreme blank exhaustion. I think your little poems are so powerful, and they make me smile, so – mutual inspiration!! Sleep tight~

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope. You can contact me on Gmail though. I would love to collab

        I’m really surprised that a raxtus Dragon exists on Twitter. I’ll see if it is an account I made a while ago



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