Need Help- Reading List

My summer Hols are about to begin, and I look forward to spending my days lazing around and reading. Any book suggestions will be appreciated.

PS- any good poetry collections to read?

Thank You


28 thoughts on “Need Help- Reading List

  1. If appropriate for an author to suggest their own poetry collection – how about First Try by M. Sakran?


  2. You mentioned a request for tips. One tip might be to experiment more with different perspectives. You did it somewhat in your poem “conversations on the crossroads of life” with the two different people. Applying the technique to different ideas can have interesting effects. For example, imagine a poem written from the point of view of a person stood up on a date. Then, image the poem from the perspective of the person who stood them up. The same event, seen from two different perspectives, can be very different and open up possibilities.

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          1. It’s just a fun thing for new bloggers but go check out the post, answer the questions and nominate other new bloggers to do it! 😀


          2. Hey syd7t5. Wassup? Have’nt seen any posts on your blog for a while? I look forward to your next post. Also, i am planning on publishing my book on poetry. Do you know the procedure? All help will be appreciated
            Yours Truly,

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          3. Hi. I’m good thanks just been a little busy with work and kids. Are you planning on self publishing? Amazon? I really have no idea to be honest I’ve never done it, sorry. Hope you’re well? :)))))

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  3. Started my List-
    1) The Firebirds By Saikat Majumbar – Indian fiction. Great read
    2) A Strangeness in My Mind By Orhan Pamuk – My favourite author’s new novel Translated From Turkish
    3) The Buried Giant By Kazuo Ishiguro- Thank You for the recomendation syd7t5. This book is really stunning

    Ill keep you updated. All recommendations are welcome.


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