Conversations with evil

Hey guys. My first post. Hope You Like It Ω


I see the creaky boat,

so I hitch a ride.

It gracefully charters me,

to the Other Side.


I row past the blood,

across the bright red river.

I toss and turn

in the heat, I shiver.


I dismount onto the desolate shore,

the sand hot like blazing coal.

Ahead of me, the Gates Of Hell,

growling in hunger, awaiting my soul.


I anticipate escape,

find nowhere to go.

I know if I stay,

blood will flow.


I open the gates,

let the demons inside.

They wail and scamper,

controlling my mind.


I face a hail of sorrow,

and unbearable pain.

As dark feelings,

occupy my brain.


I, a mere puppet,

they hold the strings.

As my sleep bubbles,

with unholy things.


I cower in fear,

beneath sweat stained sheets.

I face the hounds,

with blood-stained teeth.


In frenzied hunger,

they rip my body to shreds

My soul, now a

cloud of dread.


The last signs of life,

slowly depart my eyes.

My soul now wanders free,

amongst the red skies.


My sleep a mere medium,

for my soul to travel.

As past sins turned my

living paradise to dire hell.



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