A poem written as 4 Haikus
You lionize him
as you stand here cowering
in veneration
mind of a marvel
emmiting monologues of
Methodized madness
measured moves of a
manipulative master
The cards played right
The cards have been played
The puppeteer pulls the strings
Your his pawn. Checkmate!
5.7.5 Haiku
-Raxtus ❤️

Bedtime stories

A dark poem written as three continuous Haikus

​Marshmallows bestrewn

Like fluffy white pillows on  

A bed of cocoa

We have no time for

Bedtime stories but eons

To recount nightmares

When you feel lonely

Take a peek under the bed

Don’t keep him waiting


5*7*5 Haiku


A poem written as 3 continuous Haikus..

There she stood gleaming 

like El Dorado in her

graceful golden garb 


as she twirls and turn around

I will be resolute

​Rowdily I risk
it all and play this raucous 

roulette of romance

5©7©5 Haiku


Limbo II

Inspired by Dante Alhigieri’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, Limbo is a series of Haikus that tour the dark expanses of hell.

Limbo II is poem consisting of 5 continuous Haikus.. Keep your eyes peeled for Limbo III

kneel before Hades
as chaotic clouds veil the
blood scarlet skies


hear the cackle of
demons and feel the whip sting
bloody tender flesh


inhale the odour
of wine blood trickling onto
the blanket of bones

descend deeper down                                       the dark chasms resounding                               the screams of damned souls


welcome to torment
the hellish paradise where
you’ll rot forever

 575 Haiku 



Limbo I

Inspired by Dante Alhigieri’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, Limbo is a series of Haikus that tour the dark expanses of hell.

Limbo I is poem consisting of 5 continuous Haikus.. Look out for Limbo II

PS- I’m planning to make this a series so stay tuned

Choke on the clammy air 
And feel the wooden walls

Of your casket confine

Go ​down spiraling stairs 

Into the desolate 

expanses of the nether

Be engulfed by the 

void of the hell’s gaping mouth

A dance with darkness

Plunge into the fires 

of torment and splash around 

with Satan’s children

In the thick bloody 

waters of the swamp like Styx

Ablutions for hades



A poem written as 3 continuous Haikus..

​That moonless night was 

a monotonous canvas

Craving starry shine

As pained poets paint

whimsically worded verse

onto the veiled moon


The noiseless night with starry

Specks of Andromeda

5✓7✓5 Haiku



A poem written as 4 continuous Haikus..

clipped winged captive sings
Immaculate inferno
of melodic music


Symphonies swell like sweet
ripening fruit and vocals rise
and crash like rhythmic waves


sending salty sprays
of harmonious lyrics
and maverick melodies


Voice echoing of
pleasurable pandemonium and
Efficacious emotions

5±7±5 Haiku



Mangled Mirror

A poem written as 3 continuous Haikus..

Wade against wrathful waves

manifesting the moon like 

a murky mirror 

cracking like choppy clouds.

Thunderbolts of turbulent turmoil

lash like a toad’s tongue

Eerie echoes of 

effervescent emotions seen

Through a looking glass

5|7|5 Haiku



A poem written as two continuous Haikus..

​Outstretched elfin fingers 

Submerged under crimson pools

And ravaged rubble  

Lets Blitz the blameless while 

barristers defend their kamikaze

Drones and genial genocide

5^7^5 Haiku


A piece on the American Drone strikes that continue to massacre innocents and how they have kept defending their bike actions

After Valentine’s

A poem written as 3 haikus..

Flowers once cherished

Wilt away and chocolates

Soft and sticky sweet

Like the evanescent

Emotion felt by beloveds

Who barter beautiful

Cards dumped in disregard.

Mere momentos of when pain felt

Peculiarly pleasant

5|7|5 Haiku


This poem tried to recreate events post Valentine’s Day and imagines what would occur on the 15th of February in the hearts 💔 of many.