sanctified slaughterhouse

A poem written as 6 continious Haikus..

The Holy City
of golden domes and walled streets
ringing with prayer.

Incense meanders
the desert air, bewitching
beguiled believers.

Polarized pilgrims
protected by the Gods in
The Holy City.

The Holy City
of barbed wire and concrete walls,
wailing tears of paint.

Cleaved up city where
blood flows freer than red wine.
-painful partitions.

Dogmatic zealots
crusading for the gods in
The Holy City.



Hope: A poem written as 7 interconnected haikus.


They came bearing gifts:
lead and steel and blood and bone.
Gifts of genocide.


deceived by dogmas,
they trudge through ruby puddles
cleansing the country


They erase a race
one child at a time. Begging
in the tongue they share


Scat! Scamper! Split! Help!
We flee, they follow. Childish
game of cat and mouse


Music of murder
is monotony to us.
storms of survival.


tongue tied humankind
silent spectator to the
massacre of millions


They fall like petals
tribes dwindle. A culture fades
A blemish in time.







A poem written as 4 Haikus
You lionize him
as you stand here cowering
in veneration
mind of a marvel
emmiting monologues of
Methodized madness
measured moves of a
manipulative master
The cards played right
The cards have been played
The puppeteer pulls the strings
Your his pawn. Checkmate!
5.7.5 Haiku
-Raxtus ❤️

Bedtime stories

A dark poem written as three continuous Haikus

Marshmallows bestrewn

Like fluffy white pillows on

A bed of cocoa

We have no time for

Bedtime stories but eons

To recount nightmares

When you feel lonely

Take a peek under the bed

Don’t keep him waiting


5*7*5 Haiku

A poem written as 3 continuous Haikus..

There she stood gleaming

like El Dorado in her

graceful golden garb


as she twirls and turn around

I will be resolute

Rowdily I risk
it all and play this raucous

roulette of romance

5©7©5 Haiku


Limbo II

Inspired by Dante Alhigieri’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, Limbo is a series of Haikus that tour the dark expanses of hell.

Limbo II is poem consisting of 5 continuous Haikus.. Keep your eyes peeled for Limbo III

kneel before Hades
as chaotic clouds veil the
blood scarlet skies


hear the cackle of
demons and feel the whip sting
bloody tender flesh


inhale the odour
of wine blood trickling onto
the blanket of bones

descend deeper down                                       the dark chasms resounding                               the screams of damned souls


welcome to torment
the hellish paradise where
you’ll rot forever

 575 Haiku